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The Law Office of Timothy M. O'Donovan is devoted to providing personalized attention to the needs of every client. We make certain that matters are not overlooked and that we explore every avenue of legal recovery for you.

Staten Island Personal Injury Attorney

Attorney Timothy M. O'Donovan has been helping individuals injured through no fault of their own recover the kinds of compensation that can make them whole. He is an extremely diligent attorney and will take every step necessary to make certain the end result best meets your needs. It's his practice to get involved in every aspect of representation.
While practicing in the New York Metropolitan area, Mr. O'Donovan has handled personal injury cases of every kind, including motor vehicle accidents, wrongful death actions, premises liability matters where individuals are injured on someone else's property, and medical malpractice claims. He has represented individuals who have suffered catastrophic brain or spinal cord injuries.
Timothy M. O'Donovan in the Office - Law Office in Staten Island, NY

Loyal to our Clients

It is our philosophy to focus specifically on every case while remaining loyal to you. We pay particular attention to the individual details of every matter and will always respect the client's wishes above all else.
Timothy O' Donovan takes the obligation to keep updated on the law seriously. His 20 years of extensive litigation experience trying cases in both New York and New Jersey allow him to understand the strengths and weaknesses of every case. He researches each case in detail. He is active in his profession and appears at Court or at a Deposition a number of times each week.
As an injury trial lawyer, Mr. O'Donovan will evaluate thoroughly your chances for success in every case. He will make certain that no legal issue pertaining to your legal matter is overlooked.

An Attorney Who Is Available For You

Besides regular working hours, Timothy O'Donovan is available by appointment on evenings and weekends. He will also arrange to meet with injured individuals who are being hospitalized. Contact our law firm for a free initial consultation by calling 718-980-7300.