Legal Testimonials in New York & New Jersey

“Four years ago, I was in a very bad car accident. Tim O'Donovan was recommended by my son in law. After meeting and speaking with him at our initial appointment, I knew that I made the right choice. He reviewed all documentations, police report, insurance, medical records and began our case. He went the extra mile. He hired an accident a Reconstructionist to prove our case and prove our case he did!

I would highly recommend Tim as a lawyer. He's honest, forthright and ethical.

Thank you, Tim.”

- V.F. Staten Island, New York
“I live on Long Island and went to my niece's bridal shower on Staten Island. I was a passenger in my niece's car when we were involved in a car accident. My brother in law recommended Tim O'Donovan. I am so glad I chose him to represent me. Mr. O'Donovan came to my home on Long Island to meet with me several times. He made me feel comfortable and was very concerned for me. He helped me through a very difficult time. Not only was I physically hurt but also emotionally because I was involved in a family situation. Tim O'Donovan went above and beyond to take care of my case. He was with me every step of the way.

I would highly recommend Tim O'Donovan and his firm to take care of any legal issue I had. Again, I am so glad I chose Tim and his firm!”

- C.F. Smithtown, New York
“I had been injured in my landlord's home. Originally, I had asked two lawyers who both said the case was not worth the effort. When I approached Mr. O'Donovan, I was ready to just let it go but he assured me I had a legitimate claim.

Knowing that I had limited access to the location where the incident took place, he took action right away. He hired an affordable detective and inspector. Throughout the entire process, he always returned my calls, was positive and optimistic and kept me informed.

Mr. O'Donovan looked at all responsible parties and made sure to hold them accountable. He held firm when it came to negotiating and he never allowed himself to be discouraged or intimidated by any of the other parties.

It was about a three year process and towards the end it felt like we were playing chicken but true to his nature, Mr. O'Donovan believed in my case and not only were we able to settle in litigation but we settled for far more than I ever imagined.

I have lived too long and have had too many unexplained events happen in my life to not believe that I have someone watching over me on the other side. I believe I was led to Mr. O'Donovan's firm because I prayed to be led to someone who could help me. With his firm, I always felt welcomed and I was always greeted with a smile.

While all other lawyers I had approached undervalued my claim, he believed and put great worth in what I should be compensated.

The O'Donovan firm went above and beyond any of my expectations. If that's what you want, then I highly recommend their services.”

- S.D. Staten Island, New York
“Tim was my lawyer when I was a victim of a personal injury case. I was not only satisfied with the result of that lawsuit, but also very happy about his service. I met him a total of two (2) times throughout the whole process. We communicated by phone calls and text message more often. It really saved me a lot of time and he and his staff worked for me with all the paperwork as needed. Also, after my personal injury case was done, I kept in touch with him with my other legal issues, including a house purchase and rental issues. He gave me very good advice even though he's not my attorney on these issues. I'm glad that I can go to him whenever I need professional help. There is no consultation fee. He is more like a friend to me not a lawyer."

- L.J. Hempstead, New York
“I retained Timothy O'Donovan to represent me in a car accident case. He is an honest, caring and a compassionate attorney, whose dedication and service is like no other. I was extremely pleased with the attention he always gave me during this time. He always had the time to speak with me and give me progress reports. I am so appreciative for all the hard work he and his staff put into my case and the great results. I would recommend The Law Office of Timothy M. O'Donovan to anyone.”

- C.W. Staten Island, New York
“A few years ago, I was involved in a slip and fall accident and was seriously injured. I slipped and fell on icy stairs at a private home. I had a dislocated shoulder with complications that eventually required surgery. A friend suggested that I might have a case and that I should call a lawyer. I didn't know any lawyers, but another friend, a bankruptcy lawyer, suggested that I call Tim O'Donovan.

After having spent most the night of the accident in the emergency room, I called Mr. O'Donovan's office. I told him what happened to me and answered his questions. He was very considerate of my condition and offered to come to my home to speak with me in depth about the situation. I had never been involved in any legal matters before and Mr. O'Donovan outlined how things might transpire.

To make a long story short, I never would have been able to get through this without the guidance of Mr. O'Donovan and his firm. Over the course of two years, Mr. O'Donovan acted on my behalf. He arranged for me to see various doctors, helped me get a worker's compensation lawyer, handled all legal requirements and eventually helped me to win a very fair settlement.

Besides being my legal counsel, I felt that Mr. O'Donovan was genuinely concerned about my wellbeing and did everything in his power to help me and my family. I would recommend Tim O'Donovan to anyone needing a personal injury lawyer. He is a very talented lawyer and a very thoughtful person.”

- D.R. Staten Island, New York
“I tripped and fell over a broken and cracked pavement. I broke my wrist and required surgery to fix the wrist and I needed to settle medical bills resulting from the surgery. I received a comprehensive and detailed consultation informing me of my possible entitlements. The firm completely took over the case and handled it in full until the final judgment. As a result of working with your firm, I received a fair and satisfactory settlement. Timothy O'Donovan is a very knowledgeable and an extremely competent attorney. I would definitely recommend Tim to anybody who needs qualified help.”

- Z.N. New York, New York
“I was involved in an accident that occurred in New Jersey. I was referred by another attorney and you came highly recommended. I was always kept apprised of the status of my case. I felt like you really cared and always took that extra step towards a successful outcome. I received a good settlement even when at one point when things were not looking good. You really negotiated well. I would definitely refer you. You care, you are very personable, you're a hard worker and you're honest.”

- D.L. Staten Island, New York