Prior Lawsuits in New York & New Jersey

These are some of the results our law firm has obtained since we opened our doors in February of 2010.

Automobile Negligence – Staten Island – Calcaneal Fracture leading to two surgeries, including a fusion to the ankle.

Automobile Negligence – Staten Island – Pelvic Fractures with hospitalization.

Automobile Negligence – Staten Island – Neck Injury requiring Cervical Fusion and Revision. Defendant claimed prior injuries and conditions caused issue.

Premises Liability – Staten Island – Teenager sustained eye injury from paintball incident caused by neighbor's child. Total homeowner insurance policy limit was recovered.

Premises Liability – Brooklyn – Female runner in an Extreme Sport Event fractured her ankle and needed surgery. Defendant claimed assumption of the risk.

Automobile Negligence – Staten Island – Pedestrian outside of crosswalk, alleged to have been running to catch bus, sustained fractured fibula with surgery.

Premises Liability – Staten Island – Police Officer injuries shoulder requiring surgery while in course of his duties as a police officer.

Automobile Negligence – Staten Island – Passenger sustained scarring on his face in a one vehicle accident caused by the driver.

Premises Liability - Brooklyn - Client slipped and fell on ice on sidewalk in Condo resulting in quadriceps tear and surgery

Sidewalk Liability – Manhattan – Pedestrian falls due to cracked and broken sidewalk and sustained a fractured wrist with surgery.

Sidewalk Liability – Staten Island – Pedestrian slips and falls on sidewalk due to snow and ice conditions suffering a leg injury, requiring surgery.

Premises Liability – Staten Island – Worker gets injured in customer home and sustained a partial amputation of a finger.

Premises Liability – Manhattan – Woman injured slipping in bathroom injuring hip requiring orthoscopic surgery.

Automobile Negligence – Staten Island – Plaintiff injured by a hit and run driver. Case was dropped by a prior attorney. Obtained settlement through Arbitration with client's family's insurance policy.

Automobile Negligence – Brooklyn – Client suffered a fracture to shoulder area. Prior attorney dropped the case.

Automobile Negligence – Queens – Pedestrian suffered fracture but police lost records as to who was driving vehicle at time of accident. Client recovered through family member's policy.

Automobile Negligence – Staten Island – Client suffered lower back injury requiring injections and surgery through a clinic.

Dog Bite - New Jersey - Client bit by dog in nose resulting in surgery

Premises Liability – Manhattan – Pedestrian exiting New Jersey Transit Train sustained a knee injury when client slipped and fell due to the accumulation of ice on the platform due to leaky water condition, which was the responsibility of Amtrak.

Premises Liability – Staten Island – Worker suffered injury to shoulder requiring arthroscopic surgery while delivering food to homeowner, due to improper snow removal.

Automobile Negligence – Staten Island – Driver sustained injury to neck and back and some hearing loss when negligent driver went through red light, causing airbags to deploy.

Premises Liability – New Jersey – Patron at raceway suffered injury, causing numbness to leg, when piece came off vehicle striking two patrons at raceway.

Automobile Negligence – New Jersey – Driver struck in rear on Garden State Parkway and sustained neck and back injuries resulting in injections to spine.

Automobile Negligence – Bronx – Passenger in vehicle sustained a broken nose.

Premises Liability – Staten Island – Tenant sustained a fractured finger requiring surgery due to a defective window. Case turned down by two law firms.

Results are for informational purposes only.

Prior results cannot predict a future recovery.