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Because of snow and ice, we see a lot of slip-trip-and-fall accidents occur in Staten Island and the New York City area. Many of these accidents occur because property owners simply do not take the time to make walkways safe. These are not trivial cases. Falls can result in fractures to the head, neck and back.
These cases are not always simple to prove, however. Ice or snow melts. Landlords make repairs before anyone has had a chance to inspect the premises. Or property owners simply ignore requests for compensation after a slip-and-fall accident has occurred.

Hiring the Right Kind of Attorney for Your Slip-Trip-And-Fall Case

It's important to find an attorney who understands premises liability law after a slip, trip or fall accident has happened. Just as important, it's necessary to find an attorney who will take immediate action to make certain that all evidence is preserved. The Law Office of Timothy M. O'Donovan will immediately inspect the accident site, take photographs and interview witnesses after an accident.
Even in circumstances where evidence has disappeared, attorney Timothy O'Donovan can still prepare a successful case for you that will result in you being compensated for your injuries. He is able to do so because of his experience in this area and ability to define what is a property defect under New York law. As he understands that the property owner may not be liable if there is no constructive and actual notice that a property defect existed, he will take prompt actions to notify all applicable parties.
As a skilled lawyer, Tim O'Donovan knows the kind of techniques that can be taken when property owners delay on claims or fail to notify their insurance companies. When necessary, Tim will take these property owners to court to make certain they respond to every inquiry.

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You can contact The Law Office of Timothy M. O'Donovan for a free initial consultation by calling 718-980-7300. There will be no fee unless we recover compensation for you due to your slip, trip, and fall case.