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While injuries occurring on someone else's premises are common, many injured parties never receive compensation because they wrongfully assume that no insurance coverage will be available. At the Law Office of Timothy M. O'Donovan in Staten Island, we immediately investigate what occurred, make sure the accident scene is inspected, and locate applicable insurance policies that will cover your costs and compensate you for your injuries. Attorney Timothy O'Donovan will make certain deadlines for filing cases are met, and make certain that no evidentiary matter is overlooked.

What Is Premises Liability?

It's important not to assume that there is no case for premises liability when fault is unclear. Premises liability involves a wide variety of incidents. Slip-trip-and-fall accidents are the most common type of accidents we usually see. However, any type of injury that comes about due to disrepair of the property can be the focus of a premises liability claim in the New York courts. Defendants can include homeowners, owners of commercial buildings and even cities or counties.
A missing handrail causing a person to fall can result in a landlord and property owner being liable. Claims can be made when lead paint or mold in an apartment building causes illness. When someone authorized to be on the premises causes an injury to someone else, that individual may also be held liable.
While we don't hear much about premises liability in the media, these types of cases can be devastating. These injuries can involve the head, neck or back. For an elderly person, a broken hip could result in permanent impairment. And we are only now beginning to understand the kinds of illnesses that children can develop when contaminants are not removed from apartment buildings.

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