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Wrongful Death

The shock of losing a loved one in an accident can be overwhelming. As there is much that will need to be done, the assistance of a knowledgeable wrongful death attorney can reduce your burden.
Attorney Timothy M. O'Donovan keeps well-informed regarding wrongful death law and can provide the kind of guidance you need during this difficult time. Timothy O'Donovan has represented families in wrongful death matters, including fatal car accidents. Because of his experience, he can provide information concerning all aspects of your case.

What is a Wrongful Death Case?

Wrongful death cases are sometimes called survivorship claims. These cases were designed to compensate those who suffered because of a loss. Such individuals are entitled to compensation for financial and emotional hardship. Lost wages can be recovered by families. Children can recover for the emotional support a parent would have provided.
Sadly, the suffering of the injured person prior to his or her death can be extreme. Timothy O'Donovan has represented families in wrongful death matters many times, including fatal car accidents. Because of his experience, he can educate you concerning all aspects of your case. Understanding that certain types of wrongful death claims are not allowable in New York, he can provide you a realistic assessment about the outcome of your case and provide you with every legal option.
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Lawyer With Your Best Interests In Mind

Timothy O'Donovan makes a point of making himself available to his New York City clients for consultation and representation. As an attorney, he takes immediate action on each case and pays specific attention to detail. He also will return all calls from clients within 24 hours, be available for consultations during evening and weekend hours, and even provide clients with his cellphone number in the event they need to reach him.

Catastrophic Injury

A spinal cord or traumatic brain injury could result in permanent injury and lifelong suffering. Medical and rehabilitation costs can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and it's extremely difficult to understate the costs for daily care and services. Most individuals experiencing catastrophic injury and their families do not know where to turn or what steps to take.
The Law Office of Timothy M. O'Donovan can help. Attorney Tim O'Donovan has long helped New York City residents recover compensation for the long-term consequences suffered as the result of catastrophic injuries. He will work very hard for you and do everything in his power to keep your case moving forward in the event you have suffered such an injury.

Experienced Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

It's important to retain a knowledgeable personal injury attorney when a catastrophic injury occurs. Besides helping plaintiffs recover for these injuries, Timothy O'Donovan was a lawyer working with insurance companies for prominent litigation firms throughout the city of New York in Manhattan and Staten Island for close to 10 years. He understands the approach insurance companies will take when it comes to case valuation and compensation, and he will anticipate the strategy these companies will take in preparing the case for trial.
Negligent parties may stall when it comes to addressing their role in an accident. Mr. O'Donovan takes immediate action to investigate what occurred. Through court filings, he can force parties to respond allegations of negligence.

Dedicated to Helping You

Timothy O'Donovan is proud of helping you. He understands the law. Because of his experience in this area, he has access to economic specialists, life coaches and other experts who can testify on your behalf. As it can be difficult to put a dollar value on these types of cases, he will make certain that all potential damage areas are evaluated and that all long-term and short-term costs are documented.
During his legal practice, he has often been able to expedite the process in forcing insurance companies and negligent parties to resolve lawsuits. Even in a relatively conservative jurisdiction like Staten Island, he has taken on particularly difficult cases and still resolved such matters satisfactorily for his clients through settlement or in court.
If you or a loved one suffered a catastrophic injury, please contact the Law Office of Timothy M. O'Donovan for a free initial consultation by calling 718-980-7300. We charge no fee without recovery for personal injury cases.