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Building construction is an ongoing activity in the New York City area. While most builders make certain that construction activities are safe, other builders are sloppy in their workplace practices. This can result in a worker or innocent passerby being hurt.
Lawyer Timothy O'Donovan of the Law Office of Timothy M. O'Donovan understands how these accidents occur and knows how to hold commercial building owners liable. As an attorney, he pays particular attention to the personal needs of his clients. He understands the strengths and challenges of every case.

Skilled Commercial Building Injury Representation

The building trade is a highly regulated industry. There are many laws put into place to prevent work site accidents from occurring. When safety regulations are not followed, accidents will occur and people get injured. Building owners have to be held liable.
Especially in the New York metropolitan area, workers are expected to perform their job duties at considerable heights while working with machinery and building materials. A fall due to a scaffolding collapse could be deadly. Items that fall several stories could severely injure pedestrians on the below sidewalks.
Timothy O'Donovan is known for his attention to detail. He understands that every case is different, and that it is the demonstration of the facts of each case that will lead to a successful resolution. As someone who thoroughly researches the law, he knows what local and state regulations apply to each case.

Understanding Your Needs

A commercial building injury could result in severe spinal cord or brain injuries. Such injuries are often permanent and will require a lifetime of care. If you have been injured in a building accident, you will need an attorney like Timothy O'Donovan who can make certain any compensation package meets your long-term wage loss, medical and rehabilitative expenses, and other daily service costs. You deserve compensation for the pain you experience and the emotional trauma that you and your family suffer.

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