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Municipalities can be sued for false arrests or violations of the civil rights of its residents. Police abuse does occur and people get hurt in the process.
Timothy O'Donovan understands the policies and practices of police departments. He understands the paperwork that is created when incidents occur. His office has the skills and resources to thoroughly investigate police abuse and make certain the appropriate parties are held liable.

Time is Of the Essence in Municipal Liability Cases

Fast action must be taken if a claim against a municipality arises. The regulations for handling such complaints in New York City and across the state of New York are short. Making a claim under these laws can also be challenging. A great many procedures need to be followed for a claim to be considered legally valid. A missed deadline or improperly worded complaint could mean that the claim will be thrown out.
Timothy O'Donovan has tried enough of these cases as a lawyer to understand what sorts of actions need to be taken. He thoroughly understands and researches municipal and state law to make certain a valid claim is stated.
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Proving Up Municipal Liability

The proof requirements when making a claim of police abuse or civil rights violation by a municipality are strict. It's necessary to put together a case that meets an extremely high burden of proof. It's necessary in these incidents to be represented by an attorney who is exceptionally skilled at proving up these cases.
Lawyer Timothy O'Donovan practices out of Staten Island and regularly tries cases involving municipal liability issues. His attention to detail and willingness to pursue the action to its conclusion makes him an ideal advocate for these sorts of cases.

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